Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me And Him Call It Us - The (C:) Drive of Love Stories [2004]

Artist - Me And Him Call It Us
Album - The (C:) Drive of Love Stories (2004)
Genre - Screamo / Punk / Grindcore
Country - Atlanta, United States
Bitrate - 192 kbps

1. Number One
2. There Is No Question Mark Button On This Computer
3. Intermission I: The Hollow Anchor's Despair
4. Innocent Bystanders Watched In Horror As Peter Jennings Drew His Murder Weapon
5. Intermission II: The Suspense, Prorogation, And Finally Descent Of Edwin Daunterbury
6. Infrared Light; Don't Talk To Me About Quantum Physics
7. Intermission III: The Pale Ghost At Sea And The Fingers Aquiver
8. A Rotten Set Of Bagpipes Can Make A Fantastic Miniskirt If Sewn Properly
9. Intermission IV: May The Tide Companion Thee To Shore


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