Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alpinist/Masakari - Split [2011]

Artist - Alpinist/Masakari
Album - Split (2011)
Genre - Chaotic Hardcore / Hardcore
Country - United States/Germany
Quality - 320 kbps

Track List:
1. Alpinist - Abgerichtet
2. Alpinist - Subjection
3. Alpinist - Steps
4. Alpinist - Unwanted Encore
5. Alpinist - Postmordem Problems
6. Alpinist - Quelle Valeur Reste
7. Masakari - XVII. The Obscene Underbelly
8. Masakari - XIX. Void Manufacturing
9. Masakari - XVIII. Sleep
10. Masakari - XXII. Q. Culture A. Resist
11. Masakari - XXIV. Trapped In The Mold
12. Masakari - XXI. Progress
13. Masakari - XXIII. Hexenhammer
14. Masakari - XX. Modulation

*Alpinist is stunningly solid. It’s frenetic nature somehow feels as if it’s been polished to a sheen, and everything seems incredibly well organized and well thought out. Its crusty aesthetic creates an all around dense atmosphere, which adds a little bit of character to an otherwise chaotic and unruly album. This is where Alpinist truly shines, in its brazen yet wonderfully refined and tightened sound.

*Masakari throw in a solid helping of sludgy crust and somber melodies to deliver a truly fresh and energized take on the sub-genre. This split record sees these guys dive deep into themselves and the social/political landscape to deliver heart-felt, honest and suffocating atmosphere with a fierce, driving backbone of d-beat mayhem. These songs are truly their best material to date!  

*To sum it all up this is a ferociously delivered gritty album with thick textures! Throw this fucker on a disc player and rage like no tomorrow!*

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