Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heksed - Plague Embrace 7" [2011]

Artist - Heksed
Album - Plague Embrace 7" (2011)
Genre - Hardcore / Chaotic Hardcore
Country - Oslo, Norway
Quality - 192 kbps

Track List:
1. Damned & Dead
2. Wayland's Knot
3. Suffer-Fear
4. Blodets Forbannelse

*Heksed are a relatively new hardcore band coming out of  Norway, who have been around for about 1 year or so now. They have recently signed to Thirty Days Of Night Records (TDON) to release this 4 track 7" vinyl Plague Embrace. There really is no introduction to this band as i have already reviewed their latest 12" effort. From here Heksed explodes into a fury of metallic-laced hardcore. The guitars and dirty and distorted and feature thick riffs, what we have all come to love. The drums alternate from blast beats to simple yet fast tempos. The vocals are strained, throat full of gravel, soul full of angst yells and growls. The album closes with the track, “Blodets Forbannelse” which starts off with droning guitars that form an intro to a mid-tempo, droning song that features sludging guitars and some gravely vocals that are buried low in the mix. It becomes quite heavy and has a good, stoney groove to it. It would be the perfect intro to a live show. The power and speed are fairly relentless and the energy level never dips below 100 for the entire album. The majority of the songs are short, satisfying blasts of aggression. Plague Embrace is definitely worth repeated listens for fans of hardcore, grindcore and genres of metal. The last track also shows a lot of promise of what the band is capable of when they slow things down a bit and start branching out, something I hope they will revisit on future records in addition to more of these great short bursts of energy that comprise the bulk of this album.*


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